Odyssea Mobile Application


The team at Odyssea approached us to rewrite their mobile app with growth in mind. Their initial build had got the team to the point of proof of concept but they needed to lay the foundations for the real product and all future development. The Odyssea app was born out of a personal desire of the founder to provide the public with a way to record the special moments which make up family an ...

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Hosting & Support – Graces Guide

Graces Guide are a charity who maintain an archive of engineering and manufacturing information stretching back over the previous centuries. We were approached by them to help Graces Guide manage the system responsible for its huge digital archive of information information.

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Newcastle - North East

Water Quality Management Software


We started working with Palintest in July 2020 and our work has focused on developing their cloud-based data management SAAS product, Palintest Connect. Palintest is well established in providing water testing products and develops, manufactures and sells these products to customers in various industries like water utilities, food and drink, and pool and spa facilities.

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Teesside - Tees Valley

Construction Project Management Software

Core Systems

Core Systems commissioned Sapere to design and build an application to make managing national infrastructure projects simpler. They needed to build a SAAS application which would allow instant reporting of project issues, progress and overall health whilst presenting large volumes of data in an intuitive and easily understood format.

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Pacifica group logo

A range of software solutions

Pacifica Group

Pacifica Group is the largest domestic support services provider in the UK, supplying vital services across a range of industries, including domestic appliances, home heating, insulation and renewable technology. We have worked with the team for nearly 10 years now, complementing their in-house IT team and developing a range of software solutions that meet the business’s needs. In that t ...

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Refugee assistance software platform

The North of England Refugee Service

The North of England Refugee Service is an independent charitable organisation that works with asylum seekers and refugees who have arrived or have settled in the North of England. During the pandemic, it needed a solution to manage its translator database to allow staff to effectively work from home.

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Turfkeeper logo

Software Support & Maintenance

Providing software support and consultancy expertise...

Turfkeeper needed their software to be managed, improved and software consultancy on how to take the software in new directions. They also needed a partner they could trust with their business in the long term - they chose Sapere Software...

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Solarstyle logo Teesside - Tees Valley

Solar Style Renewable Energy CRM

Renewable Energy CRM Application

Sapere were approached by Solar Style Distribution to assist them with their digital transformation from paper, Excel and Access to a comprehensive CRM software system with mobile apps for field staff.

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Erimus Insurance Brokers logo

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Software Consultancy For Finance

Erimus insurance brokers are a top 100 independent insurance broker based in the North East of England. They are specialists in commercial & corporate insurance, providing insurance solutions for customers throughout the UK. They needed help with Digital Transformation and Sapere were happy to assist...

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Pacifica Group logo

Home Survey Mobile App

A Cordova mobile app for Pacifica Group

Pacifica Group, whose work centres around the electrical appliance and domestic heating markets, is supporting energy suppliers to install more eco-friendly options in qualifying homes as part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. We helped them by creating a home survey mobile app for their engineering teams to capture information in real-time in the customer's homes...

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Invista logo

SharePoint & PowerApp Development

Power App Development For the Chemical Industry

Invista are a multinational organisation that manufactures the polymers, chemicals, fibers and fabrics for some of the world's most advanced products and brands. Part of their operation is the design and construction of the plants used to create these polymers and chemicals. Invista is based at the Wilton site in Redcar & Cleveland. They needed Sapere to help with SharePoint & PowerApp ...

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Absolute Antibody logo

Converting Excel to a Web App

Automating lab work with software

Absolute Antibody Limited is a high-tech manufacturing company, founded in 2012 and is based in the Wilton Centre in Redcar in the North East. They have facilities in Oxford in the UK and Boston in the US. Antibodies are used as therapeutics and the company has developed some core technology that has enabled lower production costs with a faster turnaround time in the production of bespoke ant ...

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Careys logo Teesside - Tees Valley

Ethical lending digital solution

Mobilising field reps & finance

Careys and Tees Mutual are one of the oldest businesses in Middlesbrough. They provide short-term loans, savings and life assurance policies throughout Teesside and Durham. They needed help to take a century of manual working practices and automate them with a bespoke web application CRM... We helped.

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Active logo Teesside - Tees Valley

Financial Software for Chartered IFAs

IFA & finance management software

Active Chartered Financial Planners help businesses and individuals grow and protect their finances. Their headquarters are based in Thornaby on Teesside. Originally based in Guisborough the businesses needed 'some' financial software for Chartered IFAs. We helped by building a bespoke web CRM to manage their clients and their client's wealth.

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Troo logo Newcastle - North East

Energy Comparison App

Web App for Energy Comparison

TrooCost was set up with the aim of providing businesses with more choice when it comes to renewing energy contracts and making it easier to change energy providers for gas and electricity using a bespoke energy comparison app. Traditionally renewals for business energy consumption would often happen without much choice or competition, with the variable rate often being much higher than a ...

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Vixen Logo

Sales & Spend Analysis Software

SEO analysis and marketing tool

Vixen Surface Treatments design, manufacture and produce machinery and equipment for blast cleaning, phosphating and degreasing from a state-of-the-art factory in the North East of England. They needed a web application to manage marketing spend and their sales process and Sapere helped them build it.

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Digital City logo

Software Consultancy – Digital City

Small Business Software Consultancy

Sapere provided digital audit consultancy services to assist DigitalCity facilitate a program of ERDF funded works. The aim of the works was to perform digital audits on SMEs in the North East of England to facilitate innovation.

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Greenway logo Newcastle - North East

Pest control web application

Mobilising workers and pest controllers

Greenway are a North East based, environmentally focussed, pest control business. Greenway approached Sapere as they needed a bespoke pest-control web application and CRM to manage leads, quotes, jobs and invoicing.

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NHS logo

Consultancy for the NHS

Healthcare Software & Digital Consultancy

The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the World looking after the health and wellbeing of the UK population. Made up of many trusts Sapere were asked to provide software consultancy for the NHS by one of the trust hospital charities. they needed help recommending a CRM (Client relational Management System) that was fit for their individual circumstances.

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Kromek logo

iOS Development utilising Bluetooth

Measuring radiation in domestic & commercial settings

Kromek supply radiation detection components and devices for the civil nuclear industry, medical imaging, CBRNe security markets. Based out of their HQ at Netpark in Sedgefield, Kromek approached Sapere to help improve and facilitate new functionality to their RadAngel native iOS app.

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Tracerco logo

Android App Development

Android Development For Industry

Tracerco are a world-leading industrial technology company with offices across the globe. The UK office in the North East needed a way to view and monitor real-time data readings from their radiation detecting 'PED' devices in any environment. They needed to do this using Bluetooth technology using native android app development. They asked Sapere to help.

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Apricity logo

Financial Compliance Software

Financial SAAS Platform

Apricity is part of the The Verve Group and was created out of frustrations. A frustration that the compliance industry and its processes are clunky, slow, often lacking in common sense, and usually lacking the personal touch and was in real need of good financial compliance software. We created the Apricity platform as a SAAS system to allow IFA's and other financial professionals to have ...

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TaperedPlus Ltd logo

Building Estimating Software

Tapered Plus

TaperedPlus are a national leader in providing quality flat roof designs and building services. TaperedPlus approached Sapere to build some innovative estimating software using mobile and web based technologies to assist its expert consultants to increase the efficiency of the estimating process whilst on site.  

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Appy Bunny Logo

Cross Platform Apps for Small business


Appy Bunny is a virtual business created to fill the vast gap in the market for feature rich, affordable, sector specific cross platform apps for small business.  

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | TBI logo Teesside - Tees Valley

Legal CRM Software

Integrating with 3rd party legal software

Tilly Bailey & Irvine are are law firm with offices in the North East of England, specialising in family, business, injury and money matters serving clients nationally and internationally. TBI approached Sapere for advice on a CRM Software Application.

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Oil & Gas Web App logo

Oil & Gas Web App

Operational Readiness

Sapere created alongside a North East client, an oil and gas web app operating as a SAAS for managing projects in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Keepmoat logo Newcastle - North East

Property Survey App & CRM


Keepmoat are a national house-builder specialising in affordable housing. After a recent contract win to help improve residential properties in terms of their heating and insulation and environmental impact the business needed a bespoke survey app & CRM.    

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Corville logo

Bespoke Financial web application

Corville Wealth Management

Corville Wealth Management, now part of AFH Wealth Management were an independent financial advisory firm looking for a bespoke financial web application to manage their investments portfolios whilst remaining compliant with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

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Foundations Furniture logo Newcastle - North East

Charity CRM Software

Managing donations and assistance digitally

Foundations Furniture began in 1996. As a charity they alleviate poverty by providing home furnishings for the local community. Annually Foundations help approximately 480 households in Gateshead and collect around 70 tonnes of unwanted furniture free of charge from local people but were in need of a bespoke Charity CRM to manage it all efficiently.  

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Site Waste Clearance logo

Site Waste Clearance App

Site & Waste Management Web Software

Site Waste Clearance is used in the construction industry and was setup with the main aim of attributing ownership for site waste clearance so that the costs were not passed onto the main contractor who isn't being paid to clear up site waste.  

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Walkingworld logo

Hybrid Cordova App

Codova app targeting walkers

Walkingworld is a web based business that provides mapped routes of walks to end users across England, Scotland and Wales. The owners approached Sapere as they wanted a cross platform hybrid app to allow its customers to use the maps on the go.

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Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | UK Warranty logo

Ongoing Software Maintenance

Platform support and hosting help

UK Warranty, whose work centres around the creation, implementation and delivery of warranty services end to end, represent third party brands and utilise knowledge to support their growth and were in need of some web app improvements.

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