Core Systems

Sapere was approached initially to rewrite a construction management application that had been developed by an offshore team. The application had many problems and needed attention to get it working as it should. Towards the end of the project, whilst the problems had been rectified, there were fundamental architectural issues that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately, these were ‘baked in’ to the application and so Sapere we’re asked to redesign and rebuild the software from scratch.

We initially looked at the functionality Core Systems wanted to focus on, what their clients wanted to see and what the future aims of the business would be. By focussing on these 3 things we were able to come up with an architecture that was flexible to future business changes, and client requirements and gave the software functionality unavailable in other SAAS products.

The software has been well received and recently won the Tees Tech award for innovation.


  • Record all activity in one place – no matter how many projects or teams being managed – on-site, or in the office.
  • Deliver fast, accurate and intuitive data to prompt action and inform decision making.
  • Early warning functionality to alert stakeholders that issues may be arising.


Core now has a platform that enables them to allow their customers to have up-to-date information on any large-scale project they’re involved with.  The product has been well received by the market and continues to gather momentum.

Core Software Director, Paul Bass says:

“Sapere undertook an independent audit of our project management software.  Sapere were a pleasure to deal with and provided some much needed support and insight.  The output of the audit was the production of a detailed technical report which enabled us to identify where potential issues were, and areas which required improvement.  I would highly recommend Sapere and look forward to working with them collaboratively in the future.”