Apache Cordova

Need to develop an app that’s perfectly compatible with multiple platforms (iOS, Android & Windows) and devices? Worried that it might mean investing in separate, native software for each?

At Sapere, the majority of our clients need a cost effective, cross-platform solution.  For these projects, we use Cordova – a fantastic framework that enables powerful software to run perfectly on iOS, Android and Windows, with just one single set of code.  And for businesses, the benefits are huge:

  • Quick development – Cordova uses less, and simpler, code.
  • Cost effective development. As one app can be developed to work across iOS, Android and Windows, there’s no need to develop native software for each.
  • Cordova ensures the same, consistently high user experience across all platforms.
  • It enables access to powerful, native features, like a phone’s camera, geolocation and contacts.
  • Cordova software is easier and cheaper to maintain.

Cordova Projects

TaperedPlus Ltd logo
Tapered Plus
Sites visited by TaperedPlus estimators are often remote with limited or even no data connection. This meant the main aim of the innovative estimating tool was to allow the estimators to create estimates quickly and efficiently using a mobile device without the need of a data connection.
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Walking World
Sapere were approached by David Stewart owner of Walkingworld to take their ‘walk catalogue’ and make it available to existing and new subscribers via a mobile app.

Why Us?

At Sapere, we’ve used Cordova to develop world-class apps for businesses right across the North East – from the NHS to Pacifica Group and Site Waste Clearance.

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We’re not fazed by challenging projects.  And with over 30 years of software development expertise, we are proud to be on-going digital partners to many of our clients – providing consultancy, strategic guidance and support.

We take the time to understand what’s holding you back and develop a bespoke solution that fits perfectly around your business.  Working with us isn’t just about making your workflow run more smoothly, it’s about embracing digital technology to reimagine and transform your business – harnessing its potential.

If you need a game-changing app that works across iOS, Android and Windows, speak to us about our powerful Cordova software.