Digital Transformation

Put simply, ‘digital transformation’ is about integrating digital technology into your business processes. Its about taking the lessons of the past and the way currently do things but moving your organisation to a future that is digital. Its a shift for many businesses which allows them to disrupt their current markets and take advantage of new opportunities. This then means they can then increase their market share in whatever sector they operate.

It can be as simple as moving to a web application to manage your business or introducing a mobile app to capture data from clients or staff whilst they’re on the move. Sometimes it can be even more, it can be completely digitising the entire business over a period of time. Whatever path you take digital transformation is about fundamentally altering the way you work to improve what you do.

But it’s so much more than that.  It’s about utilising technology, people and processes to use modern technology to empower your staff and customers to transform the way you and they work.

Digital transformation is about removing limitations and developing an edge over your competitors. This involves re-imagining your business with seamless workflow, increased productivity, efficiency and profit margins.  This can be done by using new technologies, changing the way you currently use technology you have or examining your current way of working and investigating what opportunities exist for your business.

And it’s where Sapere comes into its own.

So how can Sapere revolutionise the way your business operates?  Here’s a good Digital Transformation Example

There are many digital transformation technologies around at the moment, including cloud computing, machine learning and big data. But there are small ways to begin digital transformation within your business too. Simply moving from Excel and Access to web applications or enabling remote workers with mobile applications. The opportunities are endless and so are the possibilities for your business when you begin to digitally transform your business.

Example Projects

Absolute Antibody logo
Absolute Antibody
Absolute Antibody Limited is a high-tech manufacturing company, founded in 2012 and is based in the Wilton Centre with facilities in Oxford and Boston in the US. Antibodies are used as therapeutics and the company has developed some core technology which has enabled lower production costs with a faster turnaround time in the production of bespoke antibodies. The company were looking for a company to convert excel spreadsheets to a web app.
Careys logo
Careys & TeesMutual
Careys and Tees Mutual are one of the oldest businesses in Middlesbrough. They provide short-term loans, savings and life assurance policies throughout Teesside and Durham.
Sapere Software | Bespoke Software Solutions | Active logo
Active Chartered Planners
Active Chartered Financial Planners help businesses and individuals grow and protect their financials from its headquarters in Thornaby on Teesside. Originally based out of Guisborough the businesses needed some financial software for Chartered IFAs.

Why Us?

As specialist digital transformation partners to businesses right across the North East, we have worked with a huge range of industries – from pharmaceuticals, leisure and finance to heavy industry, oil and gas and healthcare.

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At Sapere, we give you the confidence to reimagine your business, integrating the very best digital technology so that you can modernise, leap forward and grow.

It all starts with an informal chat.  To us, consultancy is about listening.  We take the time to understand your business and what’s holding you back and we ask questions and delve deep to get a sense of the bigger picture.  The result?  A revolutionary way of working that is scalable, future-proof and sets you apart.

If you’d like to explore how your business can embrace digital, speak to Sapere – we’re experts in our field, jargon-free and here to help.