Mobilising field reps & finance

Sapere were recommended to Careys and Tees Mutual by a mutual connection who also worked in the Financial sector. They were looking for a software development company to design and develop a CRM software solution capable of transforming the efficiencies of both businesses.


Both businesses were using an ‘Off the shelf” Access database solution that had been designed for a different industry but had been ‘adapted’ to work for theirs. This had led to lots of work arounds including the creation of spreadsheets to supplement core functionality. Lots of manual processes involving paper were used to accommodate inefficient functionality. There was a lot of duplication of effort and the resulting, inevitable human error that this introduces.


Sapere developed a bespoke ethical lending digital solution with an associated tablet app to manage the end to end processes of both businesses. The completed software manages the customer from the point of engagement to weekly collections and then everything in-between. This makes for a much more fluid transaction for both businesses clients.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the CRM web application and tablet app development went live.

  • Loan applications numbers have increased because it’s much easier for the member to apply.
  • The value of each loan has increased because the application checking process is less than 10 minutes as to the original time of 45+ minutes.
  • The value of the loans and life assurance policies is further increased as the forms are automatically generated in real-time by the software, sign offs happen electronically in the members home – reducing the onerous manual creation of loan agreements and life assurance policies.
  • Staff are able to work of other areas of growing the business because the admin is reduced by the software.
  • The management team can make accurate strategic decisions on the business as the software provides reports is in real-time.

Phil Carey, Chief Executive says:

“With more than 10 years’ experience providing solutions for the financial sector, the team at Sapere are talented, professional and good fun to work alongside. We spent 40 hours with them detailing our specifications and I was extremely impressed with how well this was captured.

They really understood the intricacies of our business and have helped improve the working environment for staff. The new digital system they’ve built has addressed the frustrations of our previous system, especially in reducing the duplication of tasks like scanning documents that are now automatically uploaded via an app.”

What our clients say