Excel & Access Conversion

Excel spreadsheets offer a brilliant way to manage data, producing useful charts, formulas and calculations.  Similarly, Access is a fantastic, basic database system.  But both have limitations and can be frustrating and inefficient.

How often does your team find themselves working around different versions of the same spreadsheet?  Both Excel and Access are time-consuming to manage, are at risk of human error and inconsistencies and neither are easily sharable or able to process complex workflow.

When your spreadsheets and databases are holding you back, we can help by developing intuitive software that replaces Access and Excel’s limitations with one, streamlined, efficient web-based app.

The result?  A cleverly designed solution that fits precisely around your unique business to transform your workflow and increase your profit margins.  And the impact on your business can be huge.

  • A web-based app saves time, increases efficiency and boosts productivity by automating previously laborious, manual processes.
  • Greater accessibility – web-based Data is available 24/7, from any device.
  • Consistency – one, sharable, live version replaces multiple versions and duplicated content.
  • Future-proof – software is easily scalable as your business grows.
  • Integrated, bespoke software fits your business precisely, seamlessly connecting your business processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Automated, formula-free web app means less risk of human error and less data corruption.
  • Helps with strategic decisions – data, profits, sales leads and client portfolios are all accurate, visible and in real-time.

Access / Excel Conversion Projects

Careys logo
Helping Carey's ditch Excel
Sapere were recommended to Careys and Tees Mutual by a mutual connection who also worked in the Financial sector. They were looking for a software development company to design and develop a software solution capable of transforming the efficiencies of both businesses.
Foundations Furniture logo
Charity MS Excel To Web
Foundations Furniture began in 1996. As a charity they alleviate poverty by providing home furnishings for the local community. Annually Foundations help approximately 480 households in Gateshead and collect around 70 tonnes of unwanted furniture free of charge from local people but were in need of a bespoke Charity CRM to manage it all efficiently.

Why Us?

We continue to develop game-changing bespoke web based applications converted from Excel and Access for a huge range of businesses across the North East, including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, heavy industry and finance.

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At Sapere, we bring over 30 years of combined experience to every project, and we’re not fazed by complexity.

We take the time to fully understand what’s holding you back, developing the software that adds the most value to your business – with a typical return on investment of just 1-2 years.

And once we’ve helped you to transition to a whole new way of working, we’ll stay with you, every step of the way, to make sure you continue to get the most out of your software as your business evolves and grows.

If you’d like to explore how Sapere’s Excel and Access conversion software can transform your business, just get in touch for an informal chat.