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All apps, whether mobile or web based, need to be stored (hosted) on some sort of server.  At Sapere, we promote the use of secure Cloud-based solutions, and have done since our business began, in 2007.

And for us, the natural choice is Rackspace – it’s one of the best providers of virtual, Cloud-based systems in the world.

Not only do we use Rackspace to host all of the apps that we develop for our clients, it’s also our brand of choice if we are moving your software system from a computer server to the Cloud.

Wondering whether or not Cloud technology is a good fit for your business?  The benefits of driving your software apps from the Cloud are huge:


  • Cloud hosting saves you money – it’s a virtual platform, so you won’t need your own hardware.
  • Its servers are instantly scalable with spikes in growth – capacity simply increases or decreases as you need it.
  • You’ll find Cloud technology is far more cost effective – with it’s ‘pay as you go’ pricing, you only ever pay for what you use, and no more.
  • Back ups of important data are ‘baked-in’ and safe.
  • Cloud-based software allows your staff to work more flexibly – data and files can be accessed anywhere where there is internet access.
  • All of the apps that we develop are SSL/TLS encrypted – perfect for digitally transferring sensitive data, safely.

Why Choose Us?

We have been providing fantastic Cloud-based solutions to clients right across the North East of England, since 2007 – scalable, virtual Cloud hosting that is cost-effective, flexible, reliable and high performing.

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As your digital transformation partners, we offer every level of support – from friendly, expert advice and jargon-free digitisation strategies to the transferring of your entire software system to the Cloud.

If you’d like to chat through how your business can benefit from scalable, cost-effective Cloud hosting, please just get in touch.