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Vixen Surface Treatments

In 2019 Sapere were recommended to Vixen by a strategy consultant. Vixen wanted a software system to better manage the processing of sales leads through to an order, better analysis on leads and which channels were working and a way to market to lost leads.


At the point of engagement there were lots of manual processes, leads were recorded on paper not in one central database making it almost impossible to find and manage lost loads.

The outcome of marketing channel spends were not recorded in one central place, making it difficult to calculate the success of each channel.

Key report data was being recorded manually over multiple spreadsheet sources meaning it took hours to generate the management reports needed to run the business.


The team at Sapere provided technical consultancy, firstly listening to each department involved in the management of leads and processing of enquiries and sales.

Using this information the team proposed a bespoke web app solution with integration with third party solutions to speed up the development cycle and reduce the initial costs and outlay.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the web application development went live.

  • Better management information on marketing spend success – this means the marketing budgets are allocated to the channels with the best return on investment.
  • Lead data and sales data is all stored in one place – this means the data can be interrogated easier, failed leads can be followup up and real-time intelligence on trends can be used to change marketing strategies.
  • Reporting information is generated in real-time – this saves the admin team many hours of saved time per week.
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