Mobile App Development

When your growth is inhibited by laborious, admin-heavy workflow or you need more staff to deal with customers requirements, it’s easy to assume that hiring more staff is the only option.

At Sapere, we create sophisticated, bespoke mobile apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. We give your team the tools they need to work more productively.

Integrating digital technology can be a game-changer – increasing efficiency and profit margins.  And the possibilities are pretty exciting.

If your business relies heavily on data, with staff collecting information off-site and returning to the office to complete their work, or you need instant one-to-one communication with clients then a bespoke mobile app for phone or tablet will revolutionise the way you work:

  • Quickly captured data and information will link seamlessly to a web app in your office, allowing colleagues immediate access.
  • One, simplified, efficient and streamlined workflow replaces multi-staged, laborious and labour intensive tasks.
  • Communicate seamlessly with your base whilst off-site.
  • Complete entire tasks on the go, like contract signing, taking payments and providing quotes – keeping workflow and projects moving smoothly.
  • User-friendly, intuitive technology makes work easier, increasing staff satisfaction, morale and retention.
  • Data automatically converts into other formats for management reports and client updates, saving time.
  • Data capturing is automated and reliable, reducing costly human errors.

Mobile App Projects

Kromek logo
Kromek supply radiation detection components and devices for the civil nuclear industry, medical imaging, CBRNe security markets. Based out of their HQ at Netpark in Sedgefield Kromek approached Sapere to help improve and facilitate new functionality to their RadAngel native iOS development.
TaperedPlus Ltd logo
TaperedPlus are a national leader in providing quality flat roof designs and building services. TaperedPlus approached Sapere to build some innovative estimating software using mobile and web based technologies to assist its expert consultants to increase the efficiency of the estimating process whilst on site.
Site Waste Clearance logo
Site Waste Clearance
Site Waste Clearance is used in the construction industry and was setup with the main aim of attributing ownership for site waste clearance so that the costs were not passed onto the main contractor who isn’t being paid to clear up site waste.

Why Us?

Over the past decade, we have designed bespoke Android and iOS mobile apps for businesses right across the North East – including the NHS, Pacifica Group, Invista and Tracerco.

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At Sapere, we don’t just deliver world-class, bespoke mobile apps – we always aim to add real value to your offering.

We apply our breadth of knowledge and expertise to each project, guaranteeing mobile software that is both insightful and innovative and that fixes a real problem. We also make sure your app is future-proof and scalable, fitting so precisely around your business that you can expect a return on investment in just 1-2 years.

With Sapere as your mobile development partner the possibilities are endless. So, if you have a project in mind, please just get in touch and we’ll guide you through your digital transformation journey.