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Android is now the operating system of choice thanks to the huge range of affordable smartphones and tablets it can be deployed on.  And it’s perfect for mobile app development.

At Sapere, our breadth of experience and expertise means we can design you anything – intuitive, bespoke Android apps that transform the way your business operates.  We specialise in Android apps that solve problems, are innovative, ease frustrations, remove limitations and help your team to work more efficiently – maximising productivity and profit margins.

With Sapere, the possibilities are endless and the impact on your business can be huge.  And compared to iOS, Android has some clear advantages:


  • Android software is cost-effective – it’s easier and faster to develop, so return on investment is quicker.
  • Android devices are cheaper to buy, reducing any initial outlay.
  • Android’s software is compatible with a huge variety of smartphones and tablets.
  • It’s also compatible with emerging software, like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • With so many people already using Android, your software can reach a broader audience – and it has huge potential outside of the UK.
  • Any software changes are virtually instant – there’s no need to comply with Apple’s stringent guidelines.
  • It’s safe, reliable and incredibly flexible.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud of our reputation for innovation and have delivered over a decade of Android app development for multiple industries, including the NHS, Pacifica Group and Tracerco.

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Sapere Software

Our mobile apps have empowered Android users to communicate seamlessly, work efficiently and revolutionise their workflow.  But we go further than that.

We are insightful, exciting to work with and refreshingly creative.  And as your ongoing digital transformation partners, we continue to guide you through Google’s updates and show you how best to apply them – maximising the benefits of your app as your business evolves.

If you would like to discuss how a mobile, Android app can revolutionise your business, please get in touch for a chat – we even speak plain English.