For many years the trust charity had used the same platform to manage donations, charitable events and the distribution of funds. The platform being used was not fulfilling the proactive innovative needs of the charity who wanted the system to do more. They wanted better insight and access data in real-time so they could increase the donations and improve the amount of support they could offer the service users.

They approached Sapere to analyse their current platform and needs, research the market and provide a report on what their options looked like to achieve their goals and ambitions.


The main problem the trust charity had was the system they were using to manage donations was outdated, slow, cumbersome and didn’t mirror the processes of the organisation. The software didn’t provide key management information on income. This was having to be captured manually, leading to inefficiencies meaning the management were unable to make accurate decisions on marketing spend with inaccurate data.


The resulting solution was a report. The report detailed all the technical options available to the trust charity including off the shelf solutions, bespoke solutions and a hybrid option. The hybrid option is part bespoke but harnesses good third party solutions that provide APIs to allow for seamless connectivity.

The report also detailed likely architectures, costs and timescales – essentially everything the charity needed to seek funding and support to facilitate a system development build.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by the NHS trust charity since the consultancy was delivered.

  • Software and technology changes so rapidly, the report details the use of collaborative solutions to provide the most future proof fit for the purposes of the  solution.
  • The report has allowed the charity to submit funding applications to the board for funding.
  • The report details how the trust charity can use the proposed solution to achieve its ambitious goals.


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