Tablet Software Development

Imagine your team, fully mobilised and working off-site – seamless workflow, high productivity, entire tasks completed on the go with easily captured data disseminating instantly to a web app in the office.  The epitome of efficiency.

For over a decade, our team at Sapere has developed cutting-edge tablet and iPad apps for clients right across the country.   From our North East HQ, we specialise in mobile apps for tablets and iPads that have the power to drastically transform the way you work – giving your business a competitive edge and the digital freedom it needs to thrive.

And here’s where a bespoke mobile app for tablet or iPad really comes into its own:

  • A tablet’s user-friendly screen size means information can be accessed and processed easily.
  • Quickly recorded data and information ‘in the field’ can be instantly disseminated organisation-wide, dramatically improving workflow efficiency.
  • Tablets allow you to easily capture and share images, projects and videos at work, off-site and at trade shows.
  • Cutting edge technology means official documents can be automatically generated and signed off-site and instantly accessed by members of your team – perfect for legally binding loan agreements and contracts.
  • One, single hybrid app can be deployed on any Apple, Android or Windows device.

Tablet App Projects

Pacifica Group logo
Pacifica Group
Pacifica Group approached Sapere to help build them a bespoke web application and tablet device to manage the (ECO) project from end-to-end.
Careys logo
Carey & Tees Mutual
Sapere were recommended to Careys and Tees Mutual by a mutual connection who also worked in the Financial sector. They were looking for a software development company to design and develop a software solution capable of transforming the efficiencies of both businesses.

Why Us?

We’re proud to have designed tablet and iPad software for local and national businesses, from North East Nursing & Care and Tees Mutual to Pacifica Group and Careys.

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We apply over 30 years of combined experience to every project, taking your project from idea development and design to testing and launch – and we’re always on hand to offer ongoing support and strategic guidance.

Our clients continue to work with us as their digital transformation partners because we are insightful, exciting to work with and refreshingly creative.

Working with Sapere is not just about finding software solutions that make your business run more smoothly – it’s about reimagining your business and harnessing its potential.

If you would like to explore how a mobile app can transform your business, please just get in touch for a chat.