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North East Nursing & Care Services

Historically the company would manage shifts by manually sending out text messages to staff with a mobile. This was very time consuming, text messages took hours/days to reach everyone due to the volume and the platform used. Replies would then need to be recorded manually and updated onto a system manually. Mistakes were time consuming to rectify and the onus was always on the staff to do everything.

As the company was growing the current solution was no longer sustainable so they approached Sapere to build them a shift management app to replace the inefficient model they were using.


  • The text messaging platform was taking hours/days to send out the volume of messages.
  • The messaging platform would restrict the messages due to fair use policy so not everyone would receive the messages.
  • Someone had to manually fill out the rota on a mobile phone which is an unsustainable model and error prone.
  • Shifts were accepted by text using the same mobile which then had to be updated on the office system.
  • The whole process was very inefficient and further growth in the business would exacerbate this problem.



A bespoke web application was designed and developed capable of rendering on mobile devices. Most businesses believe they need a mobile app but with advancements in technology and more and more people being always connected to a data source means this isn’t always the case.

Building a proper mobile app is expensive and complicated and in this case unnecessary. The web app allows the company to manage shifts and automatically send out text notifications to all its members.

Those members need an account but can manage all their shifts using their mobile or tablet/laptop/PC with a data connection or wifi connection in real-time.

This is a cost effective bespoke solution that works really well for the business.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by North East Nursing & Care Services since the app development went live.

  • There are now no restrictions on the number of text messages the company can send – this used to be restricted by fair use policies enforced by the mobile phone companies.
  • There is no delay in sending the text messages – the messages used to get delivered over the space of an hour and sometimes days depending on the volume.
  • The management of shifts can be completed in minutes, it used to take hours previously.
  • The acceptance of shifts is now done by the end users not the staff freeing up more time for key staff.
  • Staff are happier as the once stressful task of managing shifts on a mobile phone is easier and stress free.
  • Each contract is more profitable as less time is needed to manage the delivery of work.
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