Machine learning to beat the competition
9th July 2021

Digitalisation and automation are common across many industries now, from self-service checkouts to online banking, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve been looking into how to get your business to stand out from the crowd, let the machines take over. Paul Drake, our director of operations, said: “Machine learning, that is, the branch of AI that gives computers the ability t ...

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Learning from the machines
29th June 2021

Our director of operations, Paul Drake, says that while machine learning is no longer the new technology on the block, its potential is still not being used to its full advantage. Machine learning – that is, the branch of AI that gives computers the ability to gather, analyse and interpret data without human input – is nothing new, but take-up across many industries is still slow. While ...

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Digital transformation in a post-pandemic world
8th June 2021

Over the past 18 months, traditional ways of doing business have been thrown into chaos, with social interactions kept to a minimum. In a recent piece for Companies Digest, we argued that the pandemic has meant that there has never been a better time for firms to embrace digital, to fill the void left by distancing regulations. Digital solutions have always had the capacity to make life ...

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Why you need to be building tech into your boardroom
4th June 2021

The race for digitalisation has been happening for years - but now it’s picking up speed. A digital strategy needs to be built into every business, new or old, to truly harness the opportunities presented by advances in technology - a trend that has been hastened by the restrictions enforced in the wake of the pandemic. However, Covid-19 isn’t the sole driver of this rapid shift; major p ...

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How the leisure industry experienced a digital transformation
26th May 2021

With companies across the country adapting to remote working, Covid-19 has accelerated the demand for digital. Innovative business leaders are investing in digital transformation and, by utilising tech in their firm’s processes, they are disrupting markets, enhancing the efficiency of teams, and increasing productivity and profit margins. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the leisure in ...

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Supporting music charity with streaming solution
30th March 2021

As the Covid pandemic wreaked havoc around the world, one of the hardest hit industries was the arts, which relies predominantly on people gathering in groups. However, we thrive on helping local organisations get back on their feet with updated software systems, and we recently worked with Tees Music Alliance (TMA) to share live music events, despite lockdown. TMA was looking for a way ...

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