Mobilising workers and pest controllers


As with most businesses a sale starts with a lead, this progresses to a quote and then hopefully a job and then payment.

However, processing leads on pieces of paper is difficult to manage effectively, often ending to leads being lost with no way to check if they’ve been followed up, quoted, won or lost.

Creating quotes manually and then having to remember to follow up the quote often leads to lost opportunity and revenue.

Manually creating invoices also means the process of chasing payment and checking for payment is manual.

There is also no easy way of reporting on conversion success rates, cash flow etc with data thats just written down on paper.


There are numerous CRMs to manage leads and numerous software applications to manage the creation of quotes and invoices and numerous platforms that can manage jobs. However there isn’t anything that fit the exact needs of the pest control business.

So Sapere provided software consultancy, design and development services to create a bespoke web based application that allows the business to manage leads, quotes, jobs and invoices from one place. A printer integrates with the solution to allow the owner to print out QR codes and stickers to stick to ethical traps, allowing the owner to identify a problem remotely and ethically remove the pest.

A heat map also allows the business to identify outbreaks of infestations and react accordingly.

A really effective, efficient solution built around the needs of the customer that will allow the business to grow without being constrained by paper based processes.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by Greenway since the software solution went live.

  • Heat maps of problem areas allow the team to predict where their services might be needed increasing the sales pipeline.
  • The profit level per job has increased because the process of completing a job and invoicing is lean.
  • Payments are never missed because the system flags up overdue payments without having to look for them.
  • The system allows the company to remain ethical as it reports on any chemicals used and the reasons for their use.
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