IFA & finance management software

Software and Finance are a perfect match and example for how software can drive efficiencies by automating manual tasks. This is exactly what Sapere did for Active Financial Services, the North East’s largest independent chartered Financial advisory firm.


Active have lots of data generated by lots of clients and to offer the best level of service they needed a way to manage this information logically and effectively. Sapere were asked to provide consultancy, design and development services to create a bespoke web application to manage the pensions and investments of their 5000 individual clients.

The finance industry is heavily regulated with data integrity and security of paramount importance. The client originally used a purely desktop system accessible only in the office. There was a requirement for staff to utilise mobile working so a move to the cloud and web was needed by the business.

However, this also needed to be done with security being of absolute importance. This would require utilising encrypted transmissions, password strength and reset protocols and full granular access to the data and the CRM.


Sapere designed, developed and architectured a piece of bespoke web software to manage the business processes of the business, providing real-time KPI reporting and managing payments to independent fee earners.

Sapere built a work-flow driven web application bespoke to the needs of the business using ASP.NET and MySQL. The fully secure application mirrors the exact business process the business uses day to day to fully maximise the efficiencies that software can bring if utilised correctly. This is a very good example of a business embracing cloud computing and feeling the benefits of bespoke web software. The client is now in a tremendous position and has a distinct commercial advantage over competitors as a result of the software Sapere designed and developed bespoke to them.

The finished CRM application allows one of the largest independent Chartered IFA consultancies in the North East to securely manage their clients data and provide instant reports on current and projected investment values.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the finance web application development went live.

  • The processes introduced continually improve efficiencies.
  • KPI reports are produced in real-time approx. 80% quicker and more accurately, manual processes have been removed.
  • Data and information can be shared easily amongst the company staff and advisors, a 90% improvement on the original desktop application.
  • Reports generated in PDF by Adobe and on-screen.
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