Sapere were asked to design and develop a mobile and web application business for Appy-Bunny. This would lead to an exciting new way for businesses to create a unique app for their organisation.


Not every business has the means to buy bespoke software but every business has a need to promote their services and products on mobile devices. In today’s society where things need to be consumed immediately and gratification must be immediate there is a real need to fill the gap between bespoke apps and generic apps.


The developed solution allows business users to configure their own mobile app through a web application before it’s created on iPhone and Android. The user does this through an easy to use CRM system, which gives users control over things like the apps colours, font and images.

The cross platform apps for small business send offers to its user base as well as allowing them to view details of the services which the organisation offers as well as allowing them to book appointments with the organisation.

All of this can be done without the end user having to have any technical or coding skills.

Through an economy of scale and using the Cordova framework Appy-Bunny offers a simple to use, low cost solution bridging the gap between a bespoke mobile app and a generic ‘out of the box’ solution that’s ready for use by any small to medium sized business.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by businesses who use Appy-Bunny

  • Increase sales through the increased business visibility and accessibility.
  • Increased customer retention through an inbuilt rewards scheme.
  • Increased business awareness through the inbuilt push messaging functionality.
What our clients say