Power App Development For the Chemical Industry

As a group that looks to continually innovate and improve Invista approached Sapere to help it create a bespoke a PowerApp and SharePoint Online application. The application would allow its engineers across the world to record and share knowledge on possible innovation, improvements and costs savings on the plants it commissions.


Invista had started to develop a Microsoft PowerApp internally to allow its plant engineers to record improvement opportunities or damage while on site. While the app purpose and functionality was relatively simple (and the premise of Powerapps is that they are easy to build without the need to be a developer), introducing any form of complexity makes the application development difficult. The PowerApp platform itself is restrictive, making straightforward ‘transactions’ and development quite difficult. Because of this Sapere were asked to assist, advise and then build a PowerApp for Invista to help their engineers.


Sapere built a bespoke SharePoint Online application to hold all the data generated by the linked PowerApp mobile application. The forms had to be created specifically to handle multiple iterations and variations on the same form (version control) but with different fields and logic. This couldn’t be created the way Invista wanted it to work without coding knowledge due to the limitations of the PowerApp framework – so we were asked to help.

After some research the completed PowerApp ‘app’ was completed using the PowerApps ‘framework’. The final app could then be downloaded and used by anyone regardless of mobile device operating system – this meant it would work on both IOS and Android devices.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by Invista since the app solution went live.

  • Increased efficiencies as there is now only one area to manage data – previously managed by emails.
  • Unique views so users only see their data – no need to sift though records that have no interest.
  • Improved workflow – data, pictures and videos can be recorded on site.
  • One deployment – there is no limitation on mobile platform anyone can use the app regardless of handset.
  • Improved report-ability – accurate report data can be produced in real-time allowing for better decision making.
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