Palintest initially approached us with their idea to make the use of their hardware products much easier for their customers. The firm’s core research and development focuses on instruments and chemistries, hence, to build a data management tool, the obvious choice was to partner with a software development company, like Sapere Software.

We worked alongside the Palintest engineering team to develop two applications and a web portal. The first application connected directly with their hardware to communicate results from the device to the cloud and then onto the web portal via Bluetooth and Rest services. The second application was an Android and IOS mobile app that read data results encoded within QR codes and then passed the results via Rest services to the cloud and then onto the web portal.

The web portal then gives Palintest Connect users a place to monitor and track their data in real-time across various sites.

The software developed by our team was initially deployed with some beta trial customers before launching to the market in April 2022.


  • Improved data integrity and remote access to water quality data for customers
  • Ensures testing is completed on schedule
  • Provides an audit trail for water quality data where results can ce analysed and corrective actions can be monitored


We advised on Palintest’s product specification to develop a solution that integrated directly with their range of connected hardware products.

Palintest Connect gives customers improved data integrity and remote access to their water quality data. This enables key stakeholders to ensure testing is completed on schedule and results remain within specification. The system provides an audit trail for water quality data where results can be analysed and corrective actions can be uploaded to demonstrate compliance with key legislation.

Since launching Palintest Connect, there has also been an increase in consumable usage, as the software platform provides transparency of the results. This has driven an increase in testing frequency which creates a pull for Palintest’s consumables business – through digitisation, it is no longer possible to falsify test frequency or results.

Palintest’s instrument development manager, Kevin McDermott says:

“The team at Sapere are a pleasure to work alongside and with their support, we have delivered a great product.

“We run a continuous development program and regularly discuss new features and platform evolution. Sapere provides technical consulting and assistance in the execution of product changes as we continue to grow our customer value proposition.

“When choosing a software consultant, it is important to know that you are getting the best advice possible and that all parties are completely clear on the deliverables. The team at Sapere have always been thorough and honest with their assessment and advice.”