A Cordova mobile app for Pacifica Group

Pacifica Group, a North East based business, approached Sapere to help build them a bespoke web application and tablet based mobile app to manage the (ECO) project from end-to-end.


Historically the (ECO) project relied on lots of manual processes, Microsoft Word documents, and complex Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The processes were extremely labour intensive, spreadsheets were never designed for multiple users to access and edit at the same time. Mistakes were often made with effort often duplicated because of the limitations of the existing setup.

Spreadsheets are fantastic at analysing and organising large volumes of data but are not designed for managing complex workflows where lots of users need access to the same data concurrently.

The final problem facing the team undertaking the (ECO) project was the accuracy of the resulting reports had to meet stringent standards set by the Energy providers. If this fell below what was expected there were often penalty payments and clawbacks of previously released funds.


Sapere worked with the team at Pacifica to design and develop a bespoke workflow driven web application / CRM to manage (ECO) applications, surveys, installs, technical surveys and complaints. A bespoke Corodova tablet app designed to run on iOS and Android was created to allow surveyors and installer to carry out their work in customers homes. From taking pictures and recording measures to taking customer signatures the system managed the customer ‘journey’ from start to finish.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by Pacifica Group since the software solution went live.

  • Clawback and financial penalties are now zero because of the accuracy of the end report needed by the energy providers.
  • Increase value per job – the workflow and processing of jobs is much quicker and more jobs can be completed in the same time.
  • ROI – the company has seen a return on its investment inside of 12 months.
  • Happy Staff – the staff using the system are now more in control because the system is easy to use.
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