Pacifica Group

We’ve assisted Pacifica with numerous software projects and development needs over the years but the largest stand-alone projects we’ve helped with have been:

Warranty Online

Warranty Online was the first Pacifica Group project we worked on, with the brief of digitising the firm’s warranty business when it became clear that the existing CRM did not fully meet its needs.

The volume of traffic going through Warranty Online is immense, and needed careful consideration.

The firm deals with around 50,000 inbound digital and phone customers a month, along with managing the accounts of the 330,000 customers who have already purchased a warranty product.

Warranty Online has allowed Pacifica to grow and scale, without increasing overheads or staffing costs.

Since its original inception, the platform has grown and adapted to fulfil a number of business requirements, its key module being the core sales platform, which enables Pacifica to sell and extend a warranty to a customer in many different formats.

In recent years, a number of modules have been added to the software. One of these, PG Connect, is a marketing module, allowing the group to automatically market to customers who have given permission, in all sorts of different ways such as hard copy, email or SMS.

We have also recently added a call connect module, which gathers information about which customers need a call up, organises those calls into a certain format and allows the operations team to pick the calls up. This ensures that every piece of the conversation, and every question that needs to be asked, is recorded.

Eco Master

As part of Pacifica’s work, the business operates a number of government initiatives to reduce carbon, and therefore energy bills, for customers through the installation of energy-saving measures in their homes.

The work involves a significant amount of evidence gathering; simply to install loft insulation, the team would have to complete around 24 separate government documents.

At the start of the project, the team were completing each document on hard copy, which wasn’t an efficient use of time or resource – which is where the Eco Master software development came in.

For this project, it was important to get the spec right before Sapere started on development, because it was incredibly detailed, with many rules to incorporate from the government. In fact, Pacifica spent as much time on this as the Sapere team did developing it.

However, the result is a slick system which can now gather the evidence, gather the signatures from the customers and produce the information in a qualified format, which allows Pacifica to submit for payment. It is used by all of the group’s surveyors, for non-eco work as well as eco work, and is starting to be used by sub-contractors as well.


We have developed a number of pieces of software that can now be easily adapted with new modules as and when they are needed, saving precious time and resources and allowing the Pacifica teams to focus on their roles.

Pacifica’s CEO Kevin Brown said:

“If you’re growing your business and you are dealing with a lot of customer interactions, as we are, if you want to ramp up that volume, the most expensive resource is the person on the end of the phone to handle those interactions.

“That’s the same with our installation engineers – the cost ramps up once you dispatch the surveyor to the customer’s home.

“The software Sapere has created for us allows us to do as much work as we can digitally to collect as much aggregated information as we can, before we deploy those expensive resources.

“From my point of view, it’s enabled us to scale up the number of customers that we deal with and keep control of the fixed overheads.”