Renewable Energy CRM Application

Solar Style had successfully delivered renewable energy products to their domestic and commercial customers for many years from their Stockton offices in the North East. However, they had reached a point where to grow further and ensure they continued to deliver customer quality they needed to automate their processes.

Solar Style used various online providers for generation / submission of paperwork, spreadsheets for managing installation visits and the knowledge of 40+ experienced staff to deliver their products successfully. However, it was becoming all too easy for things to be missed or duplicated and to grow the business with their current way of working was very difficult.

They needed a solid foundation for growth and a web based software system which was bespoke to the business and could grow with them as they expanded.

We initially visited Solar Style and provided some software consultancy to discover what the problems were, what improvements were realistic and what the likely benefits of moving to a software solution would be. From there we then proposed a solution to the management team and gave a fixed cost to deliver the system. The system took approximately 4 months from inception to delivery and is now in place.

The completed system manages all processes in the business. The system provides a sub-system for the call centre staff to manage the calls they make, a mobile app for the sales staff when visiting clients, a mobile app for the surveyors when they visit and inspect a property and a mobile app for the installers so they can catalogue all parts of the installation process.

All this is backed up by a back office web application to manage the whole process. The CRM system now actively improves the customer experience with better customer engagement, it ensures staff are carrying out all processes correctly and provides a tool for management to see, at a glance, exactly how the business is performing.

Business Benefits

Since Solar Style started using their system they have:

  • Improved the flow of information from ‘field based’ staff to staff in the office
  • Enabled real-time capture of signatures
  • Gained the ability to capture ‘proof’ of a quality install via images and photographs
  • Improved the customer ‘journey’ through the buying process
  • Improved adherence to industry standards in the renewables sector

Managing Director, Zaeem Yakub explains:

“If you are looking for a business to help transform the way you work and will work with you to achieve exactly what you want then I would have no hesitation in recommending Sapere Software.”