Measuring radiation in domestic & commercial settings

RadAngel is Kromek’s companion app to their radiation detector, which is aimed at the domestic market.

The radiation detector is a single unit which works by being plugged into the headphone jack of either an iPad or iPhone. The radiation within the area that the unit was being operated was then displayed on the device. The RadAngel application allowed users to gather information about radiation exposure and to ensure the safety of their environment.


When Kromek approached Sapere they were looking for enhancements to an app that already existed. The RadAngel app was highly complex, reading data at a byte level and dealing with tolerances in noise from the cable plugged into the phone to the radiation detector.

Complex algorithms had to be understood and modified whilst remaining closely within the Kromek development guidelines.

There were also time pressures around the development. Sapere had to ensure testing and submission of the app prior to a visit by a senior member of the Kromek team to a country where the app was being marketed.


Sapere thrive when presented with difficult, unusual projects that require real specialist knowledge. The following project fulfilled all of these prerequisites. Reading data at the ‘bit’ level from a microphone port to extrapolate radiation levels pushes both the boundaries of our knowledge and that of the SmartPhone capabilities.

The iOS solution was developed on time, tested using Sapere’s stringent testing methodologies and successfully submitted to the App Store ready for use by owners of the RadAngel device.

This is not an everyday requirement but Sapere have the experience and level of knowledge required to develop such an app with the precision and skill required.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the app development went live.

  • Real time radiation detection.
  • Radiation mapping for a greater understanding of potential exposure.
  • Reportable Radiation levels.
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