Web App for Energy Comparison

Troocost approached Sapere to provide the expertise needed to analyse, design, develop and support a bespoke web based solution to be used by International Utility companies and National SMEs.


Selling energy to businesses has long been the preserve of the energy broker – with businesses tending not to shop around for better energy deals and accepting the first rate offered. This is often costly and offers little or no chance to save money with businesses often paying excessive brokerage fees.

With no system to manage the process of matching SME’s with Utility companies in the same way that the general public can use comparison websites there is little room for competition.


TrooCost decided to change this business practice by utilising web based technologies to offer a service to businesses that allows energy providers to bid for their energy business – turning the traditional process on its head by creating a software based bidding process.

From the concept Sapere was able to fully scope out, design and develop a bespoke web-based platform running on a cloud-based environment.

The created software has two main purposes, the first allows SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) across the country to register to receive offers from Utility companies supplying gas and electricity for their business needs.

The second purpose allows Utility companies to offer SMEs bespoke or matrix electricity or gas deals based on their own criteria such as location, consumption and contract end date.

An easy to use web app that allows utility companies to offer tariffs to qualified SMEs and for SMEs to receive better offers for their business.

Business Benefits

The completed system provides the following benefits to the business and its end users:

  • Not Platform specific – The system can be used on any web or mobile browser maximising the number of users.
  • Businesses Save Money – Energy providers bid for the work which creates more competition and drives the energy prices down.
  • System Free to use – There is no cost to use the system which increases the number of users.
  • Accurate Comparisons – Algorithms ensure the price comparisons are 100% accurate.
  • No Hidden Costs – The platform removes any hidden costs.
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