Sapere were approached by one of the biggest names in UK housing to help them create software to manage a recently won contract. Timescales were tight, requirements were expansive but with a diligent and methodical approach Sapere created a CRM software solution to exceed all expectations.

With any project where timing is key there is a need for first class software consultancy and project management to ensure a product is delivered first time and on time. With our in house processes we managed the delivery of the Keepmoat system to just this process and successful conclusion.


Historically throughout the business, visits to properties would require a surveyor to write down pertinent information about the property on paper based forms.

This information would then be relayed to staff based in the office requiring them to transcribe the information into the relevant internal IT system or spreadsheet. This duplication of effort introduced human error, repeated records and increased the workload required exponentially.

In order to fulfil this contract they required a system to manage the data collected regarding the customers, the properties, the construction properties of the buildings, the works required and the impact these works would have on the environment.


Sapere took all the existing paper based forms and created an iOS app and a CRM. The mobile app was developed targeting the iPad specifically, this app then allowed Keepmoat staff to quickly capture all information required and to take associated photographs whilst at the client’s property. However, because we developed a universal iOS app it could also be used on iPhone too.

Mobile staff could then synchronise this information from the iOS mobile device directly to the bespoke web CRM application. This the then allowed managers to quickly, in real-time, produce management reports to monitor whether targets were being met and the overall success / profitability of the contract.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by Keepmoat since the app development went live.

  • Fully secure method for collecting and storing data collected via various origins on iPad and iPhone.
  • The application allowed all data to be monitored in real-time and synchronise with staff and appointments & their appointments.
  • Data collection times were reduced by approx. 80%. Sapere completely removed paperwork and mobilised the existing process.
  • KPI reports were produced approx. 30% quicker and more importantly – accurately.
  • Data and information could be shared easily amongst the company employees in real-time, removing the ‘disconnect’ between mobile and office staff.
  • Management reports generated in real-time in Microsoft Excel.
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