As a business we're often asked what advantage does software add to a business? It's a good question and one that requires some examination. The main advantage of software is its capacity for automation, repetition and removal of error. It's often a surprise to a business what a massive impact a small piece of software can have. For example, a mail client is just a messaging service but imagine trying to run a modern business without email...

Gaining Advantage over your Competition

Here are a few ways software provides value:

Gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors is key to any businesses success and can be achieved, often quite easily, with a bespoke software build. The bespoke software can be written around your exacting business needs to make you more efficient than your competition.

The main purpose of software is to automate and make a job or process easier to manage to maximise the efficiency of the process it's managing. This makes the job a great deal easier for the people involved and the business a better, more profitable and more effective proposition.

If you'd like discuss how to gain competitive advantage over your peers by having a bespoke software system developed by Sapere, or just to discuss what advantages software can offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A Quick Example...

To give an everyday example; if you buy a tailored suit you may need to make alterations to the width of the trouser or the jacket. As the suit is tailored it means these changes are easily achieved.

This obviously isn't as easy if you choose an off the shelf suit as there's less cloth to utilise, it isn't as well constructed and its usually made from cheaper material.

The same is true with an off the shelf software package, the principle is the same in that it's produced as a template to meet the needs of many - not the exact needs of your business. The truth is we are all different, as are all businesses, so to get the best fit from anything it needs to be tailored to the individual or business...

Now imagine the same situation with an off the shelf software package. As a business you will be constantly working around the pitfalls of the system or the 'quirky ways' it does things. You'll inevitably end up spending longer working around the problems or idiosyncrasies of the software than the time the software is supposedly saving.