Software in education is often targeted at traditional schools and colleges but there exists a gap in the provision of software applications for the SEN educational sector.

Providing software which facilitates the same opportunities to those who can often need it most is a privilege and a service we're passionate about delivering. Sapere were recently asked to develop and deploy a web and mobile solution to do just this...

SEN Software

SEN Progress Monitoring Software

Proposed Project

Sapere were approached by individuals within the SEN (Special Educational Needs) sector to discover if there was a possibility to develop software which would help monitor the progress of SEN pupils throughout their academic career.

The application had to be intuitive to use and cater to all levels of competency and technical ability and allow the capture of proof of the progress of pupils as they went about their day to day education.

It was proposed that staff in SEN schools would use SmartPhones (IOS & Android) to gather photographic and video evidence of the achievements of pupils which in turn would then be manipulated via an ASP.NET web application to allow reports and information to be created to allow monitoring of the pupils progress.

SEN Education Software

Progress & Monitoring Problem

Within SEN 'tracking' the sometimes small triumphs that mark an individuals educational progress can often be very difficult to capture. What can often be small and incremental progress can often be incredibly inspiring for the individual achieving the progress and their nearest and dearest to see.

Traditionally these 'events' would be captured, if at all, using pen and paper and were difficult to quantify in a coherent framework. Monitoring in the normal school day is often difficult, time consuming and sometimes simply not feasible.

By building an application which would allow capture of evidence on Android and IOS mobile devices and then allow manipulation of that evidence to create an 'overview' of a students progress there was a real possibility to revolutionise the SEN sector.

Provided Solution

Sapere have created a web-based solution written to collate all evidence gathered using the accompanying SmartPhone apps and to allow real time reporting on the progress of individuals.

This means that school staff can quickly capture information on the move and no progress, no matter how small, is missed... From the point of capture its then possible for staff to quickly create reports and management information for teachers and parents.

All of this is achieved through stylish easy to use apps and a beautiful web interface - no more paper!


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.


The following benefits have been a direct result of the software.

  • All pupil progress is centrally collated.
  • Schools can monitor pupil progress in real time.
  • Parents can help gather evidence of their childrens progress too.