Technology is moving at such a fast pace that once the preserve of the PDA or ruggedised device is now very much in the realm of the SmartPhone and Smartwatch. Previously, being able to capture information accurately and securely whilst in the street could only be done on huge, slow devices.

With the advent of Smart Phones, there is now a wealth of possibilities for the creation of mobile apps for issuing parking tickets on much smaller, faster IOS and Android devices.

Enforcement Mobile Software

Mobile apps disrupt the enforcement landscape

Proposed Android Project

Sapere were commissioned by a North East parking enforcement company to further develop a legacy software application for managing parking enforcement and to develop, from scratch, an Android App for issuing parking tickets.

The company in question had historically used overseas outsourced software development resources. This approach failed and had ultimately led the client to approach Sapere for consultancy and software development expertise on their web and mobile offering.

There was a need to add new functionality to the clients web platform and also to integrate the new Android app to the platform too.

Parking Management Software

Why the Project was Needed

The legacy software was in need of modernising to meet the requirements of the clients customers using the system and potential clients wanting to purchase licenses to use it. The legacy software was written in such a way that it took four times longer to implement changes than it would using current development techniques and technologies. For this reason the decision was made to start to isolate areas of code and update these to make future development quicker & more efficient.

Additionally, ruggedised PDA devices cost local authorities many thousands of pounds to buy before a license for the enforcement software was acquired - an Android app was proposed to retire the need for ruggedised PDA's and significantly reduce hardware costs.

App Solution

Sapere created an Android app which allowed the client to drastically reduce the costs they had previously had to pass on to their own clients. Because the devices used to run the software were cheaper the cost of the clients offering could be reduced too.

As the app was cross platform the app could easily be ported to work on IOS devices too at little additional cost.

Mobile Platforms

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

The Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the app development went live.

  • Increased sales lead conversion
  • Software could be supplied on many more, cheaper devices
  • Reportable ROI
  • Improvements in functionality and strength of web system