We're often asked about the benefits of software and how these benefits can be achieved even when the owner believes their business is already efficient. What's often the most important factor to management is what will software add to the business and is there a need for it. To us the answer is almost always inevitably a firm yes. Read below to find out why...

Business Benefits of Software

Today's businesses are unrecognisable from those of thirty, twenty or even ten years ago.

The power of the Internet has made the World seem like a much smaller place with businesses able to operate from a single web enabled device, like a mobile, tablet or laptop. With much less reliance on desktop solutions and much more prevalence towards software run from the cloud, modern day businesses can benefit hugely from using well written efficient software accessible on any platform at any time.

Obviously not every business can run its entire operation from a single web enabled device with many still using legacy systems but all businesses can benefit from web enabled software and mobile apps.

Software Development Choices

How these benefits are realised is very much dependant on the type and size of the business adopting them and the complexity of the system it may have to supersede. Web enabled software cannot replace every legacy system but those that it can will bring about many benefits. From allowing remote access for staff without the need for additional expensive hardware and software to creating usability on a number of web enabled devices. All of which will bring about efficiencies in the way staff work in the business and as younger generations join the labour force this will only become more prominent as they expect to interface through a mobile and tablet.

A Quick Example...

Imagine a service providing business that has a desktop application for managing business leads and sales. The staff can only access the system from their PC/laptop or through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A cumbersome approach to allowing access to a tool that should be at the fingertips of any sales person, making it less appealing for staff to add and update records leading to potential lost sales.

The alternative is a web enabled version with a mobile rendered interface which allows staff to use and access the system and data from any web enabled device. Thus, improving the flow of data, the quality of data input and speed and efficiency of data entry. All equating to improvements and benefits to the business.

Software Business Advantages

Undertaking any kind of software development project shouldn't be taken lightly due to the potential costs, disruption and new way of working but the business benefits and advantages will be reaped for many years!

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