Manage & measure event value

iGather is an iOS app that allows businesses to streamline data and personal information capture and accurately measure the costs and ROI of sales when hosting at trade shows and events.

With trade shows being ever more expensive and expansive affairs there is a real need to understand the return on investment for any organisation staging such a function.


iGather was created to fix two problems, the first was to streamline and improve the way sales leads are captured at trade shows and events, these are inevitably lost on pieces of paper or not even written down. The second was to provide a way for businesses to measure the economics of the trade show/event they have hosted. Without the electronic data to backup lead generation at these events it’s impossible to know if an event is making or costing a business money.

With what is often a considerable outlay in money and staff time its difficult to calculate the impact, if any, on a businesses bottom line.


The solution is fully mobile software to calculate event ROI (on iPhone, iPad and Android) with real-time reporting capabilities via the companion CRM, maximising the possibility of sales.

Once the data has been captured the results can be measured to see whether there has been a return on the businesses investment. This information then allows the business owner to decide whether to increase resource at the next event or scale back staff time and financial investment based on the results.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits will be realised by software user.

  • Increased sales lead conversion.
  • Better economic transparency from sales team.
  • Calculating Event ROI is now reportable in real-time.
  • Cloud based system accessible anywhere any time.
What our clients say