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We were approached by Better, a Teesside based design agency, to produce an app for MAIN Teesside which would allow them to create, distribute and manage information related to their clients and service users.

Charities often have a need to engage directly with those they help. Traditionally this can be a difficult proposition as time and geography can easily get in the way of a charities good works

The aim of the app was to allow users to quickly locate medical, personal and service information quickly via their SmartPhone. It was also required that the app could help users in times of crisis by providing familiar phrases, instructions and images to help them cope when their routine was interrupted or they felt vulnerable.


Collating and managing information for MAIN’s clients was traditionally done using pen and paper and some automation via Excel and MS office. However, as with systems like this information was very difficult to keep accurate and to distribute to the relevant people confident that what was being provided was truly accurate and true.


The completed app for iOS and Android and the companion web application mean that MAIN can now quickly disseminate information to their users in real time, ensuring that all information is accurate and up to date. Users have with them, at all times, a true record of their current progress, appointments and personal information ready to be used by those that help them with their day to day lives.

By utilising an app MAIN found a way to communicate, one to one, with their service users.

Business Benefits

The completed app provides the following benefits to MAIN and their clients:

  • Increased client loyalty – providing tools the users need.
  • Increased accuracy – documents and information have one source and are always up to date.
  • Increased visibility – broadens awareness of MAIN as a service provider.
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