Managing Asbestos & Health safely

Document management and storage is a headache we all suffer, unless the filing system is referenced to the standard of the British Library you’ll struggle to find specific documents when you need them. This problem is further extrapolated if the documents you are looking for are spread over multiple locations, servers and machine.


Data such as asbestos related documents would take many days to be sent to the relevant person, once its found it then needs to be emailed or posted.

Imagine the scenario of a worker needing to find out if an asbestos survey has been carried out before they carry out work on a building. If these documents are not readily available or inaccurate it puts the worker at risk.


Sapere developed a bespoke document management software web application to allow the secure storage and management of the health & safety processes and documents of various UK businesses. The completed applications act as a repository of organisational H & S information and allows instant access to relevant documentation when needed.

The secure web based application allows for varying levels of access, it allows data to be shared quickly between departments and companies and also allows the system owners to manage the document layout and structure.

The following business benefits have been realised by the system since the app development went live.

  • Fully secure document storage.
  • Removed the need for storage of paper based documentation.
  • Cloud based solution so it can be accessed anywhere.
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