Microsoft PowerApps

If you’ve already invested in Microsoft SharePoint, and you’d like to develop a simple mobile app to quickly and cost-effectively capture data and information, we can create exactly what you need using Microsoft PowerApps.

With PowerApps, we can develop time-saving, mobile apps that dramatically increase the efficiency of admin-heavy processes – like inspections, reviews, employee onboarding, sales orders and purchase orders.

It also offers an excellent return on investment.

However, it does have its limitations, and if you want to streamline complex workflow, we recommend Cordova.  But for some of our clients, PowerApps is the logical fit for their business and the perfect way for us to integrate ‘off the shelf’ digital technology into their work processes:

  • PowerApps runs perfectly on iOS, Android and Windows.
  • It is quick and easy to develop, with handy drag and drop.
  • You can release app changes instantly – no submission requirements, or costs, to Google, Apple or Microsoft.
  • Cost-effective – it’s already included in most Office 365 subscription plans.
  • Requires no knowledge of coding or app development to build a simple app.
  • Integrates easily with SharePoint lists, libraries and OneDrive.
  • High return on investment.

PowerApp Bespoke Projects

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Invista PowerApp
Invista are a multi national organisation that manufacture the polymers, chemicals, fibers and fabrics for some of the Worlds must advanced products and brands. Part of their operation is the design and construction of the plants used to create the polymers and chemicals based at Wilton in Redcar & Cleveland.

Why Choose Us?

We use PowerApps to deliver powerful apps for many of our clients, including global, innovative brands like Invista.

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At Sapere, we take the time to understand how you work, offering the software solution that adds the most value to your business.  And sometimes, ‘off the shelf’ options can be the perfect answer.

If you already have SharePoint, and feel inefficient workflow is holding you back, speak to Sapere – we’ll work alongside you to explore exactly where your inefficiencies lie and develop a solution that perfectly complements your existing infrastructure.