How much will my app cost?

Each bespoke software project is different, and because each app we develop is as unique as your business, costs vary.   But below is an example of a typical project, just to help with your budgeting.

Example System – A bespoke mobile app for iOS & Android, built with the Cordova Framework.  The system is designed to capture and record evidence to improve a business process. (A process engineer has identified a better way of working and is keen to document/record and follow up on the opportunity whilst on site).

Download our detailed example here: How much will my app cost


Typical Projects

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TrooCost was setup with the main aim of providing businesses with more choice when it comes to renewing energy contracts and changing energy providers for gas and electricity using an energy comparison app.
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Apricity is part of the The Verve Group and was created out of frustrations. A frustration that the compliance industry and its processes are clunky, slow, often lacking in common sense, and usually lacking the personal touch and was in real need of good financial compliance software.

At Sapere, we promise solutions that transform the way you work.  To us, it’s about scalable, game-changing software – designed specifically for your business, exactly the way you need it to work.

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Few things have the capacity to transform the way you work like intuitive, bespoke software – it’s an exciting time for businesses.

If you’d like to chat through your own project in detail, please just get in touch with a member of our Sapere team – we’re jargon-free and here to help.