As a business it is quite common to have more than one software system performing different tasks in the day to day running of the operation. However, if these system are duplicating data, more often than not customer data then this is an idea time to start exploring the integration possibilities and thus removing the unnecessary duplication and inaccurate data. If your business has more than one system gathering similar data then come and speak with the team at Sapere, we can help avoid this duplication and save the business time.

System Integration

A Common Business Problem...

In a perfect World all businesses would have one software system to manage everything needed to run the business. For example, a furniture warehouse may have various systems that encompass the generation of leads, ordering of stock, managing the dispatching of goods, processing the invoices in the accounts package and then the banking app.... the list goes on.

In this example the system that manages leads doesn't talk to the ordering system, and the ordering system doesn't talk to the accounts package. So the only way to complete and manage the process is through manual intervention. Sounds similar?

This kind of setup is prone to human error but perfect for system integration work.

The following example looks at the furniture business highlighting the possible problems this type of setup will bring and what can be done to solve them:

Step 1

Leads are generated by the sales team. When sales are converted into orders they are emailed over to the processing team for picking.

Potential problems

  • Incorrect order information is emailed over for processing - leading to unnecessary extra work
  • Converted sales are missed - lost revenue and lost customer satisfaction
  • Sales are generated when no stock exists - customer dissatisfaction
  • There is a manual process involved emailing the accounts - time consuming and unnecessary

Step 2

The processing team makes up the order from the email and sends it out. The order information is then emailed over to the accounts department for billing.

Potential problems

  • Orders could be duplicated - a problem for the customer not wanting two orders and this will affect the revenues of the business.
  • Emails and orders might be missed as there is no audit trail or way to measure orders not picked - customer dissatisfaction
  • Picked orders don't get sent for invoicing - this will cost the business money.

Step 3

The accounts department send the client an invoice for the furniture and manage the stock levels.

Potential problems

  • Invoices are raised for incorrect stock - they have no way of verifying the order
  • During busy periods there is a backlog of orders awaiting invoices
  • There is no way to know how many orders have been invoiced

As you can see from the above scenario there are three main themes arising from having different software systems for different tasks.

  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Lost revenue
  • Unnecessary work for staff - negative impact on profit levels

The Business Solution

There are many solutions available to resolve the inefficiencies with the above example. The optimum would be to build an all encompassing bespoke web based CRM database system, this would manage the end to end processes of the business in a very efficient way.

The second option would be to build a smaller scale bespoke CRM database which processes the data from the other systems and manages it in a way that reduces the level of mistakes.

Either way, the main benefit to creating a bespoke web based application for this purpose is one of efficiency but this will have an impact on the following:

  • Reduced mistakes - better customer satisfaction
  • Reduced mistakes - more retained revenue
  • Less wasted time by staff - positive impact on profit levels

Another major benefit of investing in a system such as this means the business can grow without the need to increase staffing levels.

This bespoke approach to building systems that fit your business precisely is what Sapere specialise in. If you want to discuss your integration project in more detail then please get in touch today...

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