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PHP Software Development

Probably the most widely used scripting language today, PHP is used in millions of applications around the world.

At Sapere we have extensive experience of the Zend framework and have PHP certified status.

PHP Software & App Development

PHP is one of the most prevalent technologies on the Internet today, as it allows quick, smooth app development and software development.

Coupled with the structure of a modern framework such as that provided by Zend, this speed and structure combines to allow the production of business ready software.

Because of PHP's popularity, it is supported by a huge app development community which means for most applications, 'plugins' are available that can help achieve business functionality in record time. If you have an existing PHP application that you need modifying or are thinking of building a PHP web application from scratch, get in touch today for a free consultation.

PHP Development Expertise

With our wealth of knowledge and intricate understanding of ZEND framework and the PHP language, we can leverage our expertise to build any PHP application. We've built huge PHP applications for multinationals through to web stores for online businesses and maintained legacy PHP systems for businesses and organisations as well.

Due to PHP's inherent 'flexibility', it becomes dangerously easy to develop badly engineered applications. To avoid this choose a software company who understand the technology and the PHP language completely.

Specialised Bespoke Software Development

All our PHP development is bespoke unless a client specifically requires or requests open source modules to be used.

If you're looking for cheap, generic open source based systems bolted together - we're certainly the wrong people to speak to. However, if you're looking for something which utilises open source projects intelligently while integrated with bespoke software which underpins your business and adds real value, then we can definitely help. Our PHP development is about quality, stability, integration, and an investment in your business.

Experience With Legacy Applications

Often PHP applications can be deployed by a provider who then is unable to manage or further develop the PHP application for various reasons. We have inherited, managed and developed and hosted many applications like this. If you are looking for a new home for your application, contact us today.

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PHP Consultancy

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we can recommend a path forward for you to achieve your business goals.

We have worked with PHP as a technology from its initial scripting language roots right through to its modern object orientated incarnation.

We're often asked to help with legacy applications or simply advise on the 'best way' to use PHP. If you're looking for advice on PHP or advice on how to proceed with a PHP project then get in touch.