HTML5 blurs the lines between online and offline. It effectively allows websites and web applications to function without a connection to the Internet.

This opens up huge possibilities to use exciting web technologies in new ways to leverage business advantages and opportunities.

HTML5 Web Development

HTML5 can allow one application to be used both as a mobile tool for field staff and allow back office staff to use the same application - even when Internet access is unavailable.

It does this by storing all the usual web application assets such as images and databases locally on the device. This duality allows savings across an organisation in reduced development costs, as there is no need to have a dedicated web application and a dedicated mobile application working together.

Often what isn't achievable within web applications or mobile applications alone due to hardware or connectivity restrictions or simply the unsuitability of the environment is perfectly possible with an HTML5 based solution running on a modern smartphone or web browser.

Specialising In HTML5 Web Development

With our wealth of knowledge and intricate understanding of HTML5, we can leverage our expertise to build any online/offline application.

With the new HTML5 standard the lines between offline/online/mobile/static are effectively removed and Sapere are ready to allow your business to take the obvious advantage through web development.

HTML5 Apps

All our HTML5 web development is bespoke. We have extensive knowledge of the core technologies of HTML5 development and have successfully deployed applications developed in HTML5 to thousands of users deployed to various devices - all from one code base.

This means one development cost can allow one application to run on a web browser, iPads, iPhones and Android phones.

Reducing Mobile Development Costs

Often when developing a business mobile app there is a need to produce the same app multiple times for multiple platforms. With HTML5 it becomes possible to deploy one app on multiple platforms. This significantly reduces the costs involved with development and maintenance. While the Internet continually evolves, HTML5 offers the best opportunity yet to develop and deploy cutting edge applications to your business and staff.

An Example HTML5 Project

We recently completed a HTML5 Phonegap application to run on iPhone for a North East company based in Teesside, Middlesbrough. They needed to have engineers track ship and freight information in real-time, often when an Internet connection wouldn't be available.

The completed app allows engineers to do away with pen and paper and produce documents for on-site appraisal and also capture information for the office team to collate and report upon quickly and efficiently.

If no Internet connection is available, no problem - the device waits till there is. Going forward, the company isn't tied to just iPhone, they can deploy the same application to Android, Windows etc.

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