The term Cloud Computing refers to a cluster of scalable remote servers, providing database, file storage and processing capabilities over the Internet. Previously these tasks were performed on a single server setup which is more expensive and more difficult to scale. If you'd like to move your software system to the Cloud please get in touch with the team for a free informal chat, contact us today.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can help with the costs/redundancy of any hosted web application and the on-demand scalability of the business resources.

What does this actually mean? In the past businesses with hosted software would need to purchase more resource than they needed, such as bandwidth, RAM, processing power and in some cases additional servers just to handle unexpected spikes in demand and usage. This was due to the ridged server setup and limitations of the technology and infrastructure of the data centres or office environment.

A business would perhaps have two servers, one running the software with a backup server either in the office or at a data centre. The business would be paying for the full capabilities of the servers even if they never use it. With Cloud Computing, resources are scaled up or down on demand and so costs are scaled accordingly and having resources available 'just in case' is no longer necessary.

From a business's perspective being able to host software systems at a manageable cost and to ensure they function reliably is paramount to the day to day running.

Applications which use the Cloud that people are familiar with include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With the popularity of the Cloud increasing year on year the list is becoming ever greater as the benefits of adopting this sort of software approach are realised.

Sapere Software have been developing and promoting the use of secure cloud based solutions since our inception in 2009. The benefits of driving a business's software application from the Cloud is that costs are reduced, backups of important data are 'baked in' and spikes in activity are handled sensibly. Fundamentally a business pays for what it needs and no more...

Cloud Computing Concerns

The question we're asked most when we propose a cloud software solution, especially to businesses that have not experienced external hosting is "If my data isn't in the office then it must be less secure?". Not being able to see the physical server the application and data is contained upon often causes concerns over data security, but these fears are unfounded and our response is always the same. Far from being less secure it is actually more secure as the data centres are purpose built, secure and they are run by specialist who understand the technology.

All of our applications are protected using SSL encryption - this is used on all systems that transfer sensitive data over the web. This is the same technology used in internet banking to ensure that the information in a web browser cannot be intercepted or altered when transmitted. Additionally, all data within the Cloud application is passed over a fully secure internal network within the data centre and as such doesn't traverse the public Internet, as do many none Cloud based applications.

Sapere only use RackSpace data-centres, whilst expensive they are one of the best, if not the best, provider of Cloud solutions globally. The Rackspace Cloud offering is built with the highest levels of security and redundancy in place and backups can be taken as and when and stored off-line should they need to be.

In the event of a force majeure cloud servers can be "spun up" in a matter of minutes meaning any potential downtime is limited and as backups are taken constantly no data will be lost.

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Why Use The Cloud?

It's an ongoing issue for businesses to match resources to requirements. In the past companies inevitably bought more hardware than they needed to ensure that in peak times they could cope with demand. No business wanted their IT infrastructure to fail because of high usage.

By using Cloud technology its possible to have the resources scale to match the requirements and only pay for what you use. It's a much more sensible model and use of money.

Cloud technology has redundancy built into it. For example, by using cloud storage your files are immediately backed up in multiple locations. By using Cloud databases your databases are backed up automatically. This removes the need for complicated backup strategies or software.

At Sapere we made an active decision to use Cloud technology for most projects years ago. It offers so many advantages over the traditional server based model that it's an immediate advantage to our customers and the lower costs mean that clients can concentrate on building better projects for their businesses.

Cloud Computing Consultancy

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