Excel spreadsheets are a brilliant way to get data into a manageable format quickly; they can produce all kinds of charts and used for complex formulas and calculations. Access databases on the other hand are great for businesses who want to create their own basic database system. What limits Excel and Access from being used more predominatly as a workflow driven business tool are their lack of sharing capabilities and their ability to process complex workflows, they simply haven't been designed for this purpose. This is one of the reasons Sapere are often approached to convert Access systems and Excel spreadsheets into more complex web applications.

Excel & Access conversions

Whether the spreadsheets are used to manage the profits of the business, manage sales leads or client portfolios they have their limitations and would benefit from being converted into a web based application.

Converting Excel Spreadsheets to Web Applications...

We've all experienced the same thing; you create a spreadsheet for managing the sales leads. You pass this on to someone else in the team and they add their own features and charts to the mix. Before you know it you’ve several different versions of the same spreadsheet, no consistency and different results. The spreadsheets then sit on the users desktops with no access from outside the office or anyone else’s computer.

As this is a common problem we've worked with many customers over the years that have got to where they are in business by using Spreadsheets but to make the next step of growth they need a work flow driven software application accessible over the web.

Using the bespoke web based software that Sapere design, architecture and develop these companies have seen measurable increases in efficiencies and increased profit margins as a result of the software.

Because the software is so efficient and works exactly how a business wants to work this allows the company to generate larger profits through not having to work around the limitations of the spreadsheet and employ ever more administrators to manage the overhead of additional 'digital paperwork'.

If you find you spend more time working around the limitations of the spreadsheets you have in your business then you would benefit from a bespoke software system that replicates the spreadsheets... but better.

Converting Access Databases to web applications...

Access databases follow the same principle, they start out to fix a specific business need but slowly grow to be an all-encompassing business critical tool. The problem with this is that it's normally been developed by someone that's just 'turned their hand to it'. It's not what they do day-to-day so it's very inefficient, normally insecure and fails more often than not.

The system will generally have been worked on by a few people over the years and it's generally an after thought, again leading to inefficiencies.

As the Access database becomes more business critical then it becomes time to start to think about converting the Access database into a more efficient web based system. Sapere can review the Access database using our vast experience developing systems like this and advise on what we think is the best way to improve the workflow and processes. From this we can then develop a system, bespoke to you, that will work, will last for many years and will bring about efficiency savings for the business.

If you're using an Access database or spreadsheet within the business please get in contact as we can make your business and job easier and more efficient.

Why make the switch?

By moving from spreadsheets and desktop databases you can immediately work collaboratively within your entire business. This immediately removes human error and multiple copies of the same, but slightly different, data being distributed around departments.

Ultimately there are limitations to how far spreadsheets and desktop databases will get any business. Eventually growth will become impossible and a crunch will inevitably force a change. It's always better to make the change while the business has capacity to cope rather than waiting for the inevitable to happen...

By removing numerous copies of the same data, every member of staff works from the same understanding. This removes misunderstandings, errors and improves bottom line profitability.

Excel / Access Consultancy

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