The team at Sapere don't just design and develop bespoke software, we also offer and provide expert software consultancy services, predominantly throughout the North East but location is no barrier. Software development is an ever-evolving discipline and as more and more of us rely on software to manage our business and lives it's even more important to get the right advice before spending many thousands of pounds. If we can help in any way please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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How Can Software Consultancy Help Me?

Software Consultancy comes in many different guises, from simple advice on the costs for an app, through to software integration considerations on business-critical systems, independent code reviews and coding best practice. Sapere offer all of these services and more and only ever recommend what is best for your business, even if that means Sapere don't benefit.

Some examples of software consultancy can be found below, but if you just want to talk to someone about your software project please get in touch.


Most businesses will have more than one software application managing different aspects of the business such as the CRM and the accounting package, which is fairly common. When these systems start to perform similar tasks, or capture similar data or have a need to share data then we can help integrate these together to drive efficiency savings for the business.

Code reviews

We can check code of any stage (production or development) and give honest, professional feedback on the quality, and whether it is fit for purpose regarding capacity for operating under load through to its future proofing. Often whilst code or an application is 'good enough' to work, it may not be optimised for future business directions or indeed be able to be used in ways you need going forward.

Development Best Practice

Being accredited and having many year's experience developing bespoke software applications from the ground up allows us to advise other developers on best practice on software standards and methodologies. These software standards and methodologies will enable your developers to produce quality code which you can be confident will support your systems in the most efficient way possible.

Web Development

The team always keep up to date with current and future development trends so are well placed to provide professional, informed advice on which technologies to base your development decisions. With an abundance of technologies being released annually, having a source which can advise on the best practice will ensure that regardless of the direction of new technology, the foundations of your software application are correct from day one.

Mobile Development

We can inform your business on the creation, submission and rollout of mobile applications and their integration with third-party software and systems. We primarily work with iOS and Android but have developed Windows Phone, Symbian and Nokia applications in the past before the domination of Apple and Google, so we know a thing or two about mobile app development.

Technology Recommendations

We can examine your aims and needs, and advise on the best way to use current technologies to achieve what you need. Whilst technology moves at a phenomenal pace, the core structures and ideas remain the same. With a long history of industry experience, we can make complex technologies easy to understand and boil issues and difficulties down to the core constituents, allowing you to make accurate and intelligent decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Consultancy Work?

Consultancy can work at any stage of a project, but is most beneficial at the beginning. We've advised on projects at various stages, helping keep them on track and ensuring that advice from third parties is timely and correct. If you believe that we could be of help, then please get in touch.

What Does Consultancy Entail?

Sapere can provide up to the minute advice on any IT matters in plain English and can help you make the right decision to get the right solution for your business or organisation. Our consultancy and advice can take various forms, but most usually involves:

  • Face-to-face discussions with decision makers within your organisation.
  • Attending meetings with your suppliers or developers.
  • Specification Analysis.

Why Does Consultancy Help?

Consultancy from Sapere will help you to understand the benefits that your project will bring, what these benefits can do for you and above all whether the benefits will provide real return on investment (ROI). The main benefit of our help is knowing with confidence that your business is being given correct, accurate, up-to-date information and advice to ensure that the decisions you make are informed and advantageous to you.

If you're looking for advice on how to proceed with any web, mobile or integration project but don't know where to start, then get in touch.

Our first hour of consultancy is free and gives you a great opportunity to discuss your idea in confidence with an expert.
We're happy to discuss in confidence your idea and advise on a way forward that meets your budget.

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