In an industry as vital and as pervasive as oil & gas there is a massive amount of software available. However, in certain areas the move to bespoke applications is incredibly slow and there exists, like in any industry, the possibility for innovation.

Just such a possibility was realised by a new client when they asked us to revolutionise an aspect of this industry by creating a unique web application.

Access Conversion

New Software Ideas & New Opportunities

Old Idea & New Opportunity

Sapere created alongside a North East client, a SAAS web application for managing projects in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The web application was the idea of an individual who through many years of experience realised there was an opportunity to design and replace an industry endemic method of utilising Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track pertinent project information.

This reliance of entire departments and teams on spreadsheets and documents created an issue which made it a struggle to interrogate the sheets for meaningful detail and to share information across geographical and departmental 'barriers'.

The completed web application allows any large scale project to be managed, in detail, from inception to delivery.

Project Mangement Software

The Problem & Exploiting the Opportunity

Because of the reliance on Excel spreadsheets and other Microsoft office technologies the level of reporting and management on large scale 'mega projects' was difficult and incredibly hard to report upon and manage.

Because of data always being captured after an event any project 'snapshot' was always a description of how the project 'was' and not the state in which it currently existed. Also, it was impossible for geographically dispersed teams to collaborate effectively and in real-time.

Changing Project Management for the Better

We took an existing suite of tools used for the capture and management of a project and redesigned the entire tool as a web application. By working alongside the client, where possible, we improved on aspects of the old process with new functionality and ensured the new application allowed collaborative working and real-time reporting too.

The Utilised Project Platforms

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

  • Allows exportation of project information directly to Microsoft project.
  • Allows managers and engineers to see 'at a glance' the state of a projects progress via dashboard 'widgets'
  • KPI reports were produced approx. 30% quicker and more importantly - accurately.
  • Data and information can be shared easily amongst team members in real-time
  • Reports generated in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word & Microsoft Project.