Working in any business where information is important is a fact of modern life, but were that information directly affect a businesses profitability then its even more important to ensure that its accurate, timely and complete.

We were approached to create a sales dashboard web application which would allow the client to create orders quickly and effectively and manage the sales workforce. By providing better visibility of sales, targets and pipelines appropriate action can be taken to alleviate dips in performance and act as measure for rewarding sales performance.

NBT Stock Management Software

Improved Sales Using CRM Software

The Web App Project

Sapere were approached to develop a system for NBT to manage the existing sales process within the company. The goal was to improve visibility of the sales process and sales pipeline for the management team so they knew which client accounts to concentrate upon and where best to deploy their resources.

NBT Screenshot

The Data Problem

The web-based system was needed to provide real-time reporting by connecting to a Microsoft Dynamics database. This existing Dynamics database was used as a standalone application and unfortunately did not provide the level of detail required by the business. This caused issues with human error, duplication of effort and meant that a great deal of time was required to get the facts and figures the business needed to base it decisions on.

The CRM Solution

The solution Sapere provided took the form of a single platform system which could connect to Microsoft Dynamics and retrieve data from it directly. This data could then be used within the new sales management CRM system. This meant that opportunities could be converted to quotations at the single click of a mouse and professional, bespoke quotations sent to clients saving days of staff time and effort.

The Web Platforms

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

The Software Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by NBT since the app development went live

  • Increased sales lead conversion
  • Better transparency from sales team
  • Cloud based system accessible anywhere any time