Managing safety documentation can be a very time consuming process requiring much hands on time from all staff concerned. By moving this process to the web and ensuring absolute security the entire process can be handled from one place with full accountability and most importantly an audit trail.

Sapere were approached after the completion of another document storage application to commence work on this sister application.

HSE Vault Safety Software

Health & Safety Software Development


Sapere developed a web application to allow the secure storage and management of the health & safety processes and documents of various UK businesses. The completed applications acts as a repository of organisational Health & Safety information and allows instant access to relevant documentation when needed. Administrators and key staff can quickly create and distribute documentation in real time to employees and contractors ensuring adherence to legislation and guidelines.

The application allows any authenticated member of a participating organisation to quickly find relevant documentation and ensure that any processes are within required health and safety 'parameters'.

Safety Management Software


Documents were historically stored on off-line hard drives on numerous servers. This made finding and distributing documents difficult, time consuming and error-prone. Often there would be multiple 'versions' of the same document which could often be out of date or incorrect.

Most organisations often have no way of easily collating and managing all of their Health and Safety documentation.


A web-based solution was designed and developed to store, manage and distribute documents over the web. The user can now access documents in the office and on the move thanks to the cloud based approach to the development.


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised since the app development went live.

  • Fully secure document storage.
  • Removed the need for storage of paper based documentation.
  • Full audit trail of documents and amends, critical in the H&S industry.