Construction companies often rely on pen and paper to record information for estimating due to the nature of the industry and environment they work in. This makes the transferring of information and providing quotations for estimates slow and prone to human error.

By utilising a mobile app with a back office web application the process for estimating and quoting can be significantly improved. In a fast paced world this is a necessity for any business to react quickly to its customers’ requests for information.

Tapered Plus Estimating App

TaperedPlus App


Tapered Plus are a national leader in providing quality flat roof designs and building services. Tapered Plus approached Sapere to build an innovative mobile and web based platform to assist its expert consultants to increase the efficiency of the estimating process whilst on site.

Sites visited by the consultants are often remote with limited or even no data connection. This meant the main aim of the app was to allow the consultants to create estimates quickly and efficiently using a mobile device without the need of a data connection. The app was to allow the consultants to take pictures and gather information efficiently about each job, measurements, materials etc, on their mobile device without the reliance of a data connection.

Roof Estimating App development

Overcoming a Problem

The process of collecting information about a job using the traditional pen and paper approach is tried, tested and works (most of the time). However for Tapered Plus there was a need to speed up the process so the information gathered by their consultants was passed back to the office more quickly so quotations could be created more efficiently. Collecting information on paper introduces unnecessary delays and the potential of data loss and misinterpretation of facts and figures.

We approached Sapere to help develop a bespoke App for our clients. Sapere managed to achieve this by thoroughly investigating our company and client's needs and they created a high quality, efficient application which was professional and impressive. The communication from Sapere was excellent from start to finish and the customer service was second to none.

Implementing a Solution

Sapere developed a mobile app for use on Apple iPhones and Android phones that allows any consultant or customer to enter the details of the flat roof needing an estimate. The app allows the user to take one or more pictures and collect any relevant information on the applications forms. The app can be used with or without a WIFI connection. Information can then be sent in real-time if a data connection is achieved or synced manually when a connection is re-established.

A web based application was also built to manage the data passed from the mobile devices so there is one central store for the estimates. This allows the office staff to see the estimate details in real time. This allows them to provide a quote in a matter of minutes. This greatly helps to improve the turnaround for quotations by reducing the duplication of information and improves the performance of both staff and the business.

Utilising Platforms

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The completed apps provide the following benefits to Tapered Plus and their customers:

  • Time to Quote Decreased - providing quotes quickly.
  • Increased accuracy - all estimates are held in one place and are always up to date.
  • Increased Reportablity - requests for estimates cannot be missed, reducing lost opportunities.