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Legal CRM Software Solutions

Managing thousands of clients and their legal matters is a time intensive and difficult process to manage. We were asked by TBI, a North East based legal firm to create them a bespoke CRM which would connect to and utilise their current in house system - 'LawSoft'.

Legal Software Legal CRM CRM software development for a North East Legal Firm

Lots of customers...

A good problem to have, but if not managed in an efficient, standardised way customer data can be misplaced, duplicated or even lost.

TBI are a growing firm with lots of customer data, changing on an hourly basis so they needed a more efficent software solution to manage their ever growing staff needs and customer requirements.

Having used an off the shelf CRM package it transpired that a bespoke offering was needed to facilitate their unique business processes.

TBI Screenshot

Regulations & Compliance...

It is easy for people to track customer details and relationships using their own tools and while this approach works for businesses with few staff it can be a strain with large staff numbers.

Working with many different methodologies with no standardised approach means these customer transactions are lost and opportunities to cross sell missed.

Successful CRM Solution...

Sapere engaged with all key stakeholders in the business to firstly design the new bespoke system through a technical specification.

Once agreement was reached on the technical design Sapere built the work-flow driven web application bespoke to the needs of the business using ASP.NET.

In addition to the web application a standalone mobile app was written to help the marketing team register guests at the varied events put on by the company.

Thus creating an efficient platform that allows the business to capture leads and customer transactions in more efficient way, cross selling services is easier as all transactions happen in one place. Reporting on marketing spend and activities happens in realtime allowing the team to quickly change direction when required.

This really is a platform that can grow and adapt to the way the firm does as it increases staff levels and customers and profit margins can be increased through efficiency savings the software can offer.

Web Technologies...

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Realising Business Benefits...

The following business benefits have been realised since the legal CRM web application development went live.

  • The processes introduced continually improve efficiencies when enquiries are logged.
  • All client data can be found in one place so everyone can access it rather than the detail being in individuals contacts.
  • KPI reports are produced in real-time approx. 80% quicker and more accurately, manual processes have been removed.
  • Data and information can be shared easily amongst the company staff and advisors, a 90% improvement on the manual process.
  • Reports generated in PDF by Adobe and on-screen.