Once a mobile app has been developed for iPhone or any of the other platform it needs regular attention if the end users are to continue to use it in the way it was designed.

Apple continually release new phone, updates to phones, operating systems and the app stores often changing the way things fundamentally work. It's possible to allow for some eventualities but the reality is Apple will release a new version of iOS and the app you paid for a few years ago will stop working the way it once did.

Settle Carlisle Railway Mobile App

Fixing and resubmitting iOS App

Fixing the problem

Settle Carlisle paid for an iOS app to be developed by a different company a few years ago, but due to Apple changes to the iOS operating system parts of the app no longer worked and it could no longer be downloaded from the Appstore.

Visitor Interaction Software

Why the Project was Needed

Sapere were asked to fix and resubmit the app because it couldn't be used in its current format. The apps main function was to curate the journey on the Settle Carlisle railway using the persons phone and gps co-ordinates to read out location specific information, without it anyone using the railway would miss out on the experience.

While the app didn't underpin the foundations of the business it was integral to the users experience so needed to be fixed to allow the users to enjoy the experience to its full potential.

The Sapere Solution

Sapere performed a code review, standardising the code where possible to alleviate as many potential future problems, additional code was added and fixes applied to allow the app to be resubmitted. Design changes were applied to modernise the app and then it was resubmitted to Apple for review.

The app went straight through the stringent Apple review process and is now consumable for journeys on the Settle Carlisle Railway allowing those on the railway to download and listen to the curator.

The Platforms used

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits will be realised by the software user.

  • Increased visitors
  • Better customer experience
  • Less submissions required to the app store
  • More robust app