Managing fitness for purpose of any large scale project is key to ensuring the safety and security of the asset.

With an audit process traditionally executed using little technology an opportunity existed for a new application to revolutionise the oil and gas sectors auditing process.

Such a possibility was realised by an existing client when they asked us to create a unique web application.

Audit Software

Industrial Asset Auditing

Existing Issues & New Opportunities

When auditing large scale facilities or assets its traditionally done in a collaborative team based approach but merging the findings, experience and facts into a cohesive 'audit view' has always been incredibly difficult.

We were asked by an existing client to look at the existing approach and with their help to come up with an automated way of executing the same audit process - but in a much quicker and more robust way to ultimately improve the process.

Industrial Audit Management Software

The Problem & Exploiting the Opportunity

With lots of people investigating an asset and collating their findings there was often duplication of findings, some information could be missed and collating all the gathered information was very time consuming and costly.

Capturing evidence, for example photographic evidence, and then including this in audit reports was also time intensive too.

The whole process was something we see time and time again. An engrained way of doing things which technology can improve quickly, easily and for the benefit of all involved. By removing duplication of effort, reliance on Excel spreadsheets etc its possible to remove hundreds of man hours and improve matters dramatically.

Changing Auditing for the Better

We took an existing suite of spread sheets and the clients decades of experience to create a web application with a companion Android application. These 2 tools now allow audit team members to collaboratively capture findings and evidence on site and allow them to create a complete and factual audit of an assets fitness for purpose.

The Utilised Project Platforms

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

  • Capture of findings in the field using the companion Android app.
  • Data and information can be shared easily amongst team members in real-time
  • Reports generated in Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Word.