With markets moving quickly and the need to react ever more rapidly to investment opportunities, taking hours to make decisions is problematic - taking days can be catastrophic.

By utilising integration to third party data providers and removing data entry we worked with a client to strip days of manual data gathering and administration to produce a web system that's revolutionised the way they work.

As a by-product of the CRM system development the client is now able to offer the service more regularly as its less time consuming, improving their client services portfolio and potential revenue streams.

Financial Management Software

Web App CRM & Removing Inefficiency

The Required CRM Project

Sapere recently provided consultancy, design and development work to create a bespoke financial system for a York based IFA consultancy. The new web platform was needed to remove manual processes and link up disparate web based software systems and offline data.

Web App CRM & Removing Inefficiency

The Problem

Spreadsheets are a quick and cheap way to manage data, especially financial data as computations can be performed quickly and accurately.

This is the start point for most businesses as they don’t know what they need until they’ve created lots of different spreadsheets to manage an entire process. The process then becomes overwhelming, it takes longer and longer to do a job that once took only a few minutes and the whole operation becomes ever more error-prone.

This was precisely the situation the client found themselves in when we were asked to help them find a way to utilse software and the web to improve the efficiencies of their business.

The Successful Solution

Instead of having to manually amalgamate data from various financial websites (which used to take several days) Sapere designed, developed and built a CRM system which allows Corville to import and process large amounts of data with a single click of a mouse.

Imported financial data is then used by the system to further automate the workflow of the business, providing the end user with a world-class experience which saves both Corville and its clients many hours worth of time and effort.

This has removed days of manual and laborious work from the business, improving efficiencies, which will make the whole process more profitable.

In summary this means the software will pay for itself many times over.

The Software Platforms

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by Corville since the app development went live.

  • Improved efficiencies of the process by reducing the amount of effort required to do the job through system automation.
  • Improved accuracy of data entry by removing human error and duplication of effort.
  • Staff have more time to focus their energies on other tasks.
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