Financial calculators are really good tools for helping people manage and project their money and any shortcomings in retirement planning. Allowing these tools to be consumed on an iPad or iPhone really does take advantage of the benefits of using an app in the way they have been designed to use. Easy navigation, nice flowing information and well presented graphs and charts, just like the Apple adverts on the TV!

Each house in the UK has an average 2.4 tablet devices, Sapere can design and build any mobile app to take advantage of this new medium

Mercury Wealth Financial App

Financial Projection App developments


Sapere developed an iOS app to allow clients of Mercury Wealth management to calculate retirement funds. The completed application allowed customers to use a suite of financial calculators to perform calculations on their investments quickly and in real-time, providing instant feedback as to the pro's and con's of certain possible decisions.

Financial Software


Mercury Wealth had a series of calculators to work out potential retirement funds but these were on different spreadsheets. For their customers to benefit from the calculators these needed to be put on one platform, the iPhone being the obvious choice.


An iPhone app was developed with interactive calculators to help Mercury Wealth's clients understand how their money will grow. The app was also engineered to work on iPad devices.


These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The solution was built to provide real-time feedback to client's potential investments and fund returns. The software has had the following business benefits:

  • Increased customer loyalty - providing tools the users need.