Sapere also provide a consultancy service where we can advise on best practice on any software system and architecture. Sapere were recommended to Thirlwell's to consult and advise on a package they were using to manage their housing stock.

In this instance the client needed help to make a solution they'd already purchased work the way they needed it to work. As with all 'off the self' packages they require some level of configuration to make them work the way they need to work for the business.

Thirlwells Software Modifications

Expert Agent - Consultancy

Modifications to an existing platform

The project entailed consultancy to understand the clients needs, consultancy to understand how their software package worked and consultancy to understand how the package was engineered. A plan was to be drafted to show how Sapere were going to deliver the solution and software development work to make the solution work the way the client wanted it to work.

Thirlwells Screenshot

Why the Project was Needed

When a potential customer enquired about specific housing stock Thirlwells used an "off the shelf" package to search for and generate marketing brochures on available houses to either print out and hand to the client, email or send in the post. However the software package didn't work the way they worked, the process to generate searches was convoluted, the printing of marketing literature was inefficient often printing over too many pages and in an untidy way.

The system was at the core of the business operation, wasting staff time working around the limitations of the solution and wasting unnecessary amounts of waste on badly laid out marketing literature.

The Solution

Sapere spent time understanding what the client needed to achieve, then spent time understanding how Expert Agent worked and finally implemented the changes as requested by the client. This implementation now means the searches are efficient, the marketing literature is laid out in the way the client wants it and with minimal waste when printing.

As with most "off the shelf" packages they try to be all things to all people and making them user friendly when they need to be almost 100% configurable is a thankless and almost impossible task. Software is complicated by its very nature and on this occasion we had to "code" around the restrictions in the platform in order to achieve what the client wanted to achieve with its "off the shelf" package.

The Platforms Used

These are the platforms Sapere used to deliver the solution.

Business Benefits

The following business benefits have been realised by Thirlwells:

  • Professional sales literature
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in stationary costs
  • Better service to clients